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Mert and I met when we started the Friends of Form shop collective in 2013. Mert is a super talented photographer whom I greatly admire. When I started my company King Elisabeth in 2013, he helped me photograph my jewelry for my first trade fair at Älvsjömässan in Stockholm. It was very spartanen I had collected some clothes and jewelry. Then me, Mert and my friend Veronica simply went out and looked for places to shoot at. We moved merely hundred meters from my jewelry studio since Mert's ability to interpret and see the outside world is so incredible. I have learned a lot from Mert. You don't need quantities and/or luxury because you have magic in front of you - if you just have the eye for it. Friends of Form shop collective was located at Kyrkogatan 13 in central Gothenburg. We were about 20 artists/craftsmen together and started a shop to be able to sell our products in a simpler way. We also had openings and other events. We persevered for a few years, then the project was shut down.

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Palegrain / King Elisabeth Jewellery

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