About me

As long as setbacks are tackled with the mindset: “we’ll figure it out!”, I have no problems working in a high-paced environment. There should be room for all types of people and personalities, since everyone can contribute with their unique perspective.
Having a flexible and positive attitude usually means that nothing presents as a problem. 

Elisabeth Kvist

In summary, I am a skilled and responsible individual with a diverse range of experiences. I got a strong desire to continuously improve and learn. I am adaptable and thrive in team environments, but I also have the ability to work independently with my own projects. I am committed to continuously develop, and have a flexible and positive attitude towards taking on challenges to find solutions. I am also responsible and reliable, and take my duties seriously.
In general, I believe that my diverse experiences and skills makes me an asset to any team or project.

Personal facts:

  • I was afraid of deep water so I started free diving at the age of 32. Personal best in Static Apnea (timed holding breath) is 3.50 min. 
  •  I learned that you should not only listen to the oldest person, but to the person who has the most knowledge. Regardless of age. I think it’s a wise sentiment.
  • I am now practicing boxing – but hate when someone punches me in the face. I simply have to get faster to avoid it. 
  • I have one cat: Tindra who is 19 years old. My little ray of sunshine and the hairs in my eyes.
  • I am addicted to soda and latte.
  • In my free time you can find me in my at home music studio. 
  • My favorite down time is surely with movies or series.